L'Aroye presents The Sci-Fi Sessions

South Visita / The P.600 Invasion
Faces 1201

Thomas Arroyo, 24 years old, first worked at radio Nova (organising the Novamix), when he moved to Paris a few times ago, then as a post production assistant in Bruce Keen and Alex Firla’s studio. Nowadays, he’s DJ at the trendy parisian restaurant Georges (on top of Centre Georges Pompidou), and composer for Stephane Pompougnac (compilations such as Costes, Georges as well as Stephane Pompougnac’s albums).

Now as L'Aroye, he also produces on his own. He first got noticed lately with his fine remix of 'Save The Love' by Karl the Voice on Laplage records (a track also to be featuring on Karl’s own lp). Apart from collaborations planned with MAINE Records –electro jazz label run by another funky Parisian, Eric Rug- his main aim is to work along side Pablo Valentino to establish the ever changing Faces sound as some of the true pioneers of a broken sonic language yet to be written…

Faces introduction:
In the true adventurous spirit of his Kenbun radio show (based in Strasbourg, at the French eastern frontier and available online on wabam.com), Pablo Valentino is all about good music period. May it be jazz, hip-hop, techno, broken beats or whatever… but always trying to explode and explore the boundaries between all creating patterns past, present and future.

Track List:

• 1. South Visita (dub version) - play
• 2. The P600 Invazion - play

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