Martian Gang feat. Insight & Dagah

Got Skillz Galore
Faces 1203

If you have not heard about MARTIANGANG yet you’re more likely to have heard about INSIGHT, highly gifted rapper and producer from Boston. After the release of his first album « True to the game », he’s recognised for his rapping talents but also for his originality as a producer. Legends of the underground such as MR LIF or KRS-ONE have already requested his presence behind the desk and his lp « Life is a struggle » with the group Electric Treatment has allowed a wider audience to discover his work.

INSIGHT joins DAGHA, Dj REAL and SHIN-SKI to form his own production team under the name of MARTIANGANG. The track « GOT SKILLS GALORE » is highly thought after in Japan so much that DJ KOU-G aka GROOVEMANSPOT decides to remix it. Producer hailing from Sendai in Japan like his friend MITSU THE BEATS, his mixtapes and the quality of his remixes (for Raw Produce among others) got him the international support of artists such as JERU THE DAMAJA or UGLY DUCKLING.

FACES Records in association with Jazzy Sport, for his first hip hop release, gathers concentrated flavours spread between Boston and Tokyo. Now you got no excuse if you still don’t know what is MARTIANGANG !

Track List:

• 1. Got Skillz Galore (grooveman Spot remix) - play
• 2. Got Skillz Galore (original version) - play
• 3. Bitz of Groove 001 - play
• 4. Got Skillz Galore (grooveman Spot remix instrumental) - play
• 5. Bitz Of Groove 002 - play
• 6. Got Skillz Galore (original version instrumental) - play

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