Inverse Cinematics

Vogelhaufen EP
Faces EP001

Better watch your back! There are kids in town & they don’t take prisoners.
It all started “at the corner” in 1999 with some secret music software & some virgin beats. Shortly Inverse Cinematics (IC) duo (Danilo Plessow (aka MCDE, DITD, Hipster Wonkaz, Analogue Haze, etc…) & Joachim Tobias(J°)) tracks were appearing on different compilations and remixes were showing up here & there... Remember the two noisy releases: “Slow Swing EP” on Pulver Records, that was licensed to one of the Fabric CD series & their cheeky breaks anthem “Shoot The Pianist” on Fluid Ounce, which quickly found it’s way onto the playlists of all the top disc-jockeys worldwide? And what about the latest “Detroit Jazzin’”?

On joining FACES records the boys with the frequencies return with this fine record called “Vogelhaufen EP” & keep on refining bass to a murderous artform. Taking influences from jazz, hip hop, funk, house & mysterious songs of some weirdo-birds these tracks mix up contemporary styles to create deep, downtempo & dancefloor soul. You can here recognize “Pet Legs original” from the reasonably encomiastic “Shoot the Pianist” LP. The Tape remix is following a similar line of unassuming groovy hip hop, with overwhelming aura of futuro jazz in fact providing a perfect smell of the underground tubes & metro stops. Ye Solŕr trio works on “Burnout” adding smooth & moody jazz flavour live interpretations and makes sure the sound is fresh and yet will last over time. Another one in the vein of “what on earth they were thinkin’ ” moments from IC is “7by7” which brings us into a solid twisted jazz track. “MLK” & “Dem” flip-flopping between dark samples and weirdcore soundbites with an ever-constant barrage of breaks and beats underneath get you from a mid morning wake straight ahead to the dancefloor.

Inverse Cinematics have quietly built up a reputation for excellent brokenbeats and more. They are getting into deep water, in some cases to the point where there's no turning back. How are you feeling about this?

Track List:

• 1. Shoe Shining Man (intro) - play
• 2. Burnout (Yé Solar live interpretation) - play
• 3. Burnout (original mix) - play
• 4. Pet Legs - play
• 5. Dem! - play
• 6. Seven By Seven (Intermissions) - play
• 7. Pet Legs (The Tape remix) - play
• 8. Reputation - play
• 9. MLK - play
• 10. Somehow This Happened (outro) - play

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