Simbad aka Mowgly

2nite's da night
Faces 1205

Simbad aka Mowgly is a big boy now. He can rock just about any age & U will meet him at the club, but of coz….
He is where all the beautiful ladies and the pretty girls are at.
Now that U’ve asked for a true story. I’m a gon’ tell ya. This is the latest faces 12“completely different from the other faces 12“s, which aren’t quite the same as this 12‘‘.
Simply put…It’s a house ting. The feet-note heavy “2nite’s da nite” on the A –side is dirty & uncompromising, sexy to the fullest…How could U not get temporally crazy, freak your forgotten Scheune & dusty equipment inside and smash Ur way thru Ur sonic fist-fuck the nastiest girls never dreamt of getting & It’s not a 6AM case. This booty bass gimme ALL NIGHT….OHHhhhh… Needle to da groove & the party goes on & on & on till the break of dawn.
The instrumentals is to be found on the B-side. But what should deserve Ur attention is “Interluv”. Hip boogie forepay 4 the b-boys & the b-girls… Git it? Got it. Or maybe it works better after all precious weekend wellness. Easy. U have the choice.
So…… There U go & Keep smilling, the shit ain’t so bad at all!

Track List:

• 1. 2 Nite's Da Nite - play
• 2. 2 Nite's Da Nite (instrumental) - play
• 3. Interluv 106 - play

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