Inverse Cinematics

Seven by Seven remix / Thumper
Faces 1207

Solid bass and kick combo from Dave Da Gato minimal with no messing, this mix is a bit like being thrown out of the club by the bouncer, into a revolving door, and leaves you lurching between the club and the busking Jazz band thats playing on the street outside.

Dave knows how to pack the maximum bass into minimum herz hes been constructing dirty club dynamite as part of the Fluid Ounce roster for time. With this remix, he returns to full power, hypnotising dance floors with a relentless bass, drum, and sax trinity.

On the flip, Inverse Cinematics pile on the preshah with a deep broken tech work-out, all bubbling subs and face-smacking snares, with the kind of rhythm you can easily lose yourself in. Like one half of the infamous henchwomen from Diamonds Are Forever, Thumper is one of those deceptive tracks that makes the intricate sound simple, with a b-line progression that hooks you in and then spits you out the other side of the dance floor.

Track List:

• 1. 7 By 7 (Dave Da Gato's Badass Tapas remix) - play
• 2. Thumper - play

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