Jayson Brothers

Monster Box / All my life
MCDE 1203

First 12" of this new signing on the "Raw Cuts" Label Jayson Brothers. With a little help of Motor City Drum Ensemble arranging skills, the two Jayson Brothers are about to continue what "Raw Cuts" started : Bringing back some dirt, samples & emotions into todays house music.

"Monster Box", with its swinging 909 kicks, disco beat and rhodes/guitar combination sounds like a lost strictly rhythm gem while "All my Life" could even be released way back in the late 70s - it`s not only a re-edit of some disco track, it really tries to evolve from the many edits around by throwing together various sample sources in a clever way you`ll be surprised how this will rock your floor at just 105bpm!

Track List:

• 1. Monster Box - play
• 2. All My Life - play

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